Shower Pans

If you’ve ever remodeled a shower, you may know the costly mess that can lurk beneath that leaky, smelly old shower floor. Whether you’re building a new home or remodeling an existing bathroom, you want to make sure you have a completely leak free shower floor to prevent an unsanitary environment and costly water damage. Traditional tile shower designs are susceptible to leaks and heavily dependent on the skill level of the installer. We manufacture a variety of leak-free shower pans to resolve this problem.


  • No additional waterproofing necessary
  • Protects your home from costly water damage
  • Custom sizes and drain locations available
  • Easy installation

Perfectly suited for:

  • Homeowners
  • Contractors & Homebuilders
  • Multi-family projects
  • Senior living facilities
  • Hospitality

Made for Tile Shower Pans

Whitewater’s “Made For Tile” shower pan is ready to be tiled using modified thin set and doesn’t require hard to work with epoxies. Install your tile the same day, and save time and money. With a perfect slope, this shower pan creates a no hassle solution that eliminates any questions on shower drainage and ensures you that your shower will always drain properly.


  • Leak proof to prevent water damage
  • Easy installation that allows you to install tile the same day
  • No membrane liner or concrete bed required
  • Fully integrated drain
  • Perfect slope™ to the drain
  • Standard and custom sizes available
  • Single curb, double curb and triple curb styles

Rectangular Shower pan_1 curb_center drain

High Definition Color Shower Pans

Whitewater’s High Definition Color shower pan has an authentic stone appearance with over 100 colors to choose from. Select a Calcutta Marble, Travertine, Granite, or many other colors to choose from. Explore the endless possibilities in color with a Whitewater shower pan. High Definition Color shower pans are a quick and easy alternative to tile with a grout-free and mold and mildew resistant finish.


  • Provides a luxurious large format slab look
  • No tile needed™
  • No grout to continually clean or seal
  • Installs in minutes, not hours
  • Low profile curb™
  • Single curb, double curb and triple curb styles
  • 12 standard colors with others available by special order